Weekend PaCkage "find peace" in Långasjö

Book our weekend packages and enjoy the calm of Långasjö!
Here you can relax in our cozy rooms, take relaxing walks in the scenic surroundings, cucle a little tour or take a trip with the rowing boat.
You can also visit several flea markets and decor shops in the middle of the woods, or visit the impressive glassworks nearby.

Per person the package includes:
2 nights in a double room, embedded and cleaned
1 dinner in our cozy cafe, along with coffe to the food
2 breakfasts
Free access to nature, bike and boat
Final cleaning of the room

Price per person in double room (STF membership): 990 SEK
Non members: 1090 SEK

Note: You must be at least 2 people to book this!
Check-in: Friday 5pm-6pm
Check-out: Sunday 10am
The food is served on Friday at 6pm. Choose from smoked pork with potato gratin or our hamburger plates.

Call or mail to book!
Bookable all year, Friday-Sunday

2-day Fishing package

Come and enjoy the scenery and try your luck in Småland! Fishing license and boat hire is included.
Near the hostel there are two lakes you can fish in. The Långasjö Lake is only 100 m from the hostel. Here you can find pike, perch and even implanted game fish. In Lake Törn, which is located 4 km away from the hostel, there are plenty of pike, perch, walleye, etc.
The rowing boat is at the nature reserve in Ekeboryd.

Included in the package: 

  • 2 Overnight stays in double room
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunch Packages
  • Fishing license for Långasjö Lake and Lake Törn
  • Boat hire for 2 days

1280 SEK/person
non STF-members: 1380 SEK/pers

Good to know:
Please bring your own fishing gear!
Bring your own bed linen and towels or rent on site.

Call or mail to book!

Nature in långasjö

Bring your family, explore the nature around the lake, with swimming, rowing beat, fishing, bird watching, etc.
Stay 2 nights in our hostel. Breakfast and Coffee included. Only 100 m away you find the small lake. Go fishing, catch insancs or make a tour in the rowing beat. Walk around in the forest and visit Klasatorpet, where you can experiece the calm of the forest and meadows. In the little cottage you can see how people live 100 years ago. Go for a walk and visit the lambs or check on the horses in the paddock. Take advantage of everything the countyside has to offer. The children have a lot to explore here.

Price example, for a family with 4 persons in a bedroom with multiple beds: 2080SEK (with STF-membership card).

This includes:
  • 2 nights for 4 people
  • 8 breakfasts
  • One Coffee in Café Stallet for 4 people or a picnic basket
  • Fishing gear for the kids
  • Access to the rowing boat

Call or mail to book!

2-days hiking package

Experience Småland close up!
Hike over 2 days in the forest around Långasjö. Chose several tours of different lenghts.

Included in the package:

  • 2 Night in a Double room
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunch Packages
  • Final Cleaning of the room
  • Maps, we draw the two routes you chose 

The tours start from the hostel and goes along paths in the woods.

Book bed clothes or embedded.
890 SEK/person
no STF-membership: 990 SEK/person

Call or mail to book!

2-day Biking package

This package is perfect for those who love nature.
Come and experience Småland up close! Biking for 2 days through the small villages in the forest, along fences and stone walls. You can stop and swim in any lake you pass.

Book the package with 2 overnight stays. You will sleep in a double room.
Included in the package:

  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunch Packages
  • Bike rental for two days and a map with several bike tours of varying length
The tours go along gravel roads mostly, small parts are along asphalt roads. 

1080 SEK/person
no STF-membership: 1280 SEK/person

Good to know:
The bikes are new, 3-gear bikes, helmets and bycicle baskets are included!
Please bring your own bed linen or rent on site!

Call or mail to book!

Romantic weekend in Guld-digger cottage

Treat yourself to a moment of love! If you feel like it's time to devote a moment to just the two of you, deepen your relationship or just enjoy the calm together, this is the package for you.
Check in to the Långasjö Hostel and stay in our cozy Gold-Digger cottage where we make it comfortable and athmospheric for the two of you.
The surrounding area is scenic and invites you to romantic walks together.

Price for 2 persons with and overnight stay: 1700 SEK (for STF members)
1900 SEK (for non members)

• An overnight stay for two people
• Romantic evening meal (finger food with          exotic fruits) and dessert/cake
• embedded, towels
• Breakfas
• Cleaning  

Call or mail to book!
Bookable all year, even in the middle of the week

Rural design around långasjö

Welcome to experience and enjoy the rustic- countryside design!
Here you will visit several shops/flea markets with wonderful rustic decor. You will receive a list and map of destinations and you will be able to shop at a discounted price.

This includes:

  • 2 Overnight stays in the Långasjö Hostel including embedded and cleaning (In high season you can book breakfast) 
  • A Coffee/lunch in Café Stallet 
  • A Coffee at Studio Vida Gård, in Vida village, outside Ljuder. Shop here with 20% discount.

    Opening times:
    Saturday 10am-3pm
    Sunday 12pm-5pm
  • Visit the beautiful Butik Norregård, in Skallebo outside Långasjö. Shop with 10% discount in this store.

    Opening times:
    Wednesday 4pm-7pm
    Thursday 2pm-5pm
    Sunday 12pm-4pm

790 SEK/person
Non STF-members: 890 SEK/person

Call or mail to book!

Visit the Emigrant District

Spend two days in Småland's Emigrant District. Visit the famous locations from the movie and book about the emigrants, like Duvemåla, Klasatorpet and others. Learn about local history and emigration to America.

Package includes:
- 2 Nights at the Långasjö Hostel in double room
- 2 Breakfast
- Guided tour of our little museum of emigration from Långasjö and returnees
- Access Klasatorpet
- Access to Moshultamåla school (Vilhelm Moberg's museum)
- Access to Duvemåla
- A dinner in Café Stallet at the hostel and a Coffee in the cafe

990 SEK /person
no STF-membership: 1090 SEK/person

Good to know:
Bring your own bed linen or rent on arrival.
Private car is recommended because the distance between the main objectives is 10-15 km.

Call or mail to book!
Obs endast bokningsbart under sommaren pga besöksmålens öppettider.

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