Come to us and discover your roots

Did your ancestors come from Sweden?
Do you wish to visit Sweden to discover and experience your Swedish heritage?

Come to us in Långasjö and search for your roots!

If your forefathers came from southern Sweden there is a chance that they used to live in the area we call “emigrant district”, located between Kalmar and Växjö.
We can help you find information about your ancestors, to find the place where they lived and find out if you have relatives who still live in the area.

Imagine the feeling to walk the same ground as your great-great- grandfather did, seeing their house or the place where it used to be. It can come true.
We offer you packages with overnight stay and day programs where you will learn a lot about Sweden, the emigrant district and why your ancestors took the big step to leave for America.

In between the years 1846 and 1930, 1.3 million Swedish people emigrated to America to build up a better life for their families, today more than 4.8 million Americans have Swedish heritage. 1400 people emigrated from only the Långasjö district, where today there are 900 people living here altogether.

During your visit here you will be able to visit several museums and other places associated with the emigrant district. We will provide lots of information about the emigrants in our small museum right here at the Långasjö hostel.

Vilhelm Moberg, the author who wrote several novels about country life in the 20th century, lived here as well. He wrote ”Utvandrarna ” (”The Emigrants”), the novel, which was later made into a movie filmed in Långasjö.

Our small town is also located in the kingdom of crystal where you can visit several glassworks during your stay and if you decide to come in the second half of June you can enjoy a traditional Swedish midsummer here!

If you are interested send an email to us at:
phone: +46 471 50310 or +46 73 5124282

Discover your roots package Directed to the Americans with roots in southern Sweden This includes:

  • 5 nights at Långasjö Hostel B&B (breakfast included)
  • Research help to find the location your ancestors lived in, visit / excursion to the site
  • Research help to find relatives in the district
  • Guided tour of the museum in Guldgrävarstugan, Långasjö Hostel
  • Visit the Klasatorpet, guided tour including historical facts and information about life in Sweden in the countryside during the turn of 1800-1900
  • Small introduction in the Swedish language and life in Sweden today
  • 2 days in Stockholm with 2 overnight stays at the boat Af Chapman B & B (breakfast included)

Price per person: 4900 SEK
Call us to book or send an email.

While you are in the area, you can also:

  • Visit the Småland Museum in Växjö, the House of Emigrants
  • Visit Moshult, Vilhelm Moberg's birthplace and his old school, which today is a museum
  • Visit Duvemåla
  • Visit the glassworks, possibly try glassblowing
  • Excursion to the city of Kalmar, visit Kalmar Castle, shopping etc.
  • Excursion to Öland
  • A  walking tour on the emigrant trail
  • Rent a bike, get map for short bike rides in the countryside
  • Rent a boat and take a boat trip on the lake nearby, fishing
  • Canoe tour at Korrö
  • Visit a moose park
  • Book a spa package with overnight stay and 3-course dinner at Kosta Art Hotel
  • Book your own program in Stockholm