Café Stallet

Here we serve the breakfast buffet from May to August with a lot of organic and locally produced products.
80 SEK/pers.

In our cafe you can snack in the cozy, rustic athmosphere and enjoy a good organic coffee or tea. In our selection we have cokies, cakes, sandwiches etc.

When you book your room, you can pre-order food. We offer:

  • Smoked pork fillet, green salad and drink: 160 SEK/portion.
  • Cold-smoked salmon, potato salad, egg halves, green salad, bread and drink: 160 SEK/portion.

Call here to book! +46471-50310

For groups (8-35 persons) we offer:

  • Sandwiches and/or homemade buns, cakes, pastries and coffee (from 45 SEK)
  • Waffles and coffee: 45 SEK/portion
  • 2 Pancakes and beverage of your choice: 50 SEK/portion
  • Homemade cheese cake and coffee: 60 SEK/portion
  • Roast beef with potato, green salad, fruit, bread, drink and coffee: 180 SEK/portion
  • Smokes pork filet with patato gratin, green salad, bread, fruit, drink and coffee: 160 SEK/portion
  • Kassler with potato gratin, green salad, fruit, bread, drink and coffee: 140 SEK/portion
  • Vegetable soup with pasta, drink and coffee: 75 SEK/portion
  • Stallet's evening buffet with roast beef, salmon, ham, salami, egg halves, different cheeses, salad, different fruits, potato salad and warm baguettes. Including drink, coffee and pastries: 230 SEK/person
  • Lángos with cheese, sour cream and red onion:  90SEK/portion (2 pieces incl. drink)

Café Stallet is open
18 th of May to 17 th of August, every saturday
2 pm- 6 pm. with waffles.

1 st of June to 18 th of August: in reception hours 4 pm-7 pm only with a small selection.

19/9 -30/5 only open with pre-booking or arrangement.

Café-room can be booked for parties, meetings, courses and more.
Hire café: 500 SEK.
If you buy coffee or food, we don't charge for the hiring.
For information and booking call: +46471-50310 or +46735124282